Sault Residents Deserve a Property Tax Freeze

News Release 

September 18, 2018  

Sault Residents Deserve a Property Tax Freeze

Mayor Determined to Continue Increasing Your Property Taxes 

Had the Mayor succeeded in passing the flawed garbage plan resolution at the last council meeting, the additional costs to residents of $1 million for new garbage trucks and the additional cost of keeping pick-up in house would raise taxes by an additional 1 percent.  

Although the Mayor is trying to spin this by saying the money is in the reserve account, its still taxpayer funds. It means that if we need money from reserves for something else, which we always do, or for the reserves to be replenished, the only way to get more money is for the city to tax residents. So let’s be honest. This is a bad deal for taxpayers and GFL is perfectly capable of collecting all city waste for less and the City’s own report confirms that fact. 

With respect to Winnipeg, from 1999 to 2017, over 18 years, taxes increased only 11 percent, whereas in the Sault taxes increased 11 percent in the last four years. Additionally business taxes in Winnipeg dropped from 9.75 percent in 2002 to 5.14 percent in 2018, whereas the business tax rate for industrial payers went up over 50%in one year alone. 

The fact is the Mayor has been on a roll increasing your property taxes year after year, for the past four years, totaling 11 percent, and is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon.  

“The mayor has successfully wrestled city staff to the ceiling with four years of tax increases, even though he ran on a promise to get spending under control,” said Ring. 

This is what he said on October 8, 2014, “I’ve spoken to many residents during this campaign who are concerned about the amount of property taxes they are paying, I have said repeatedly, taxes and spending go hand in hand. Controlling tax increases means we must first control how the City spends its money.” 

Unfortunately the Mayor has led the way in adding over $3 million a year for the last four years in new costs to local taxpayers, while many residents continue struggling to make ends meet.  

The Mayor is busy trying to spend $1 million of your money on poor garbage decisions, nearly $7 million on City Hall improvements, and another $15 million on a costly P.U.C. electricity scheme, while your taxes continue to rise with breakneck speed.  

“Don’t let the Mayor tell you freezing your taxes can’t be done, because it can be done, and it has been done in other communities, such as Windsor for 7 years in a row, while services are protected, said Ring. “As Mayor I am committed to freezing taxes for four years and I will do what is necessary to deliver a more affordable, more prosperous and more attractive city.” 

The Rory Ring platform will focus on several priority areas including, Job Creation, Lower Taxes and Improving the Quality of Life in Sault Ste. Marie.