Ring Platform Will Deliver More Jobs, Lower Taxes, Better Quality of Life

News Release 
September 10, 2018

Rory Ring Platform Will Deliver More Jobs, Lower Taxes, Better Quality of Life
Sault Residents Deserve New Leadership, Stronger Community

I am excited about the great potential of our city. The hope and opportunity that our campaign and our platform can deliver will make a very real and positive difference in the lives of Sault residents.

I have spent the past weeks and my career here in Sault Ste. Marie, listening to the citizens and stakeholders in our community. I have been able to take what I have heard, and I believe develop a vision for the future that represents you the citizens of Salt Ste. Marie. A vision that is based on action, not more studies, consultants, or committees. A vision that puts you the citizens at the very center of the way the city is run and delivers to you the services and opportunities that you deserve while making our community more affordable.

It comes down to bold, innovative and visionary leadership. Today I am proud to release my platform that sets out a plan to bring that style of leadership and meaningful change to our community.

To achieve lower taxes for everyone, we need more taxpayers in our city.  We need to attract and retain more investment to and in our community from private enterprise.

The jobs created by that investment will accomplish several things.  It will increase opportunities for youth, it will increase our property values and create more housing opportunities. 

More investment from the outside will attract more business and government leadership to our city; it will improve the prospects for our small and medium size businesses and will improve our quality of life.

More investment in our community will improve our retail and entertainment options locally and it will bring more learning opportunities for our students in the form of co-ops, apprenticeships and entrepreneurship.

We need to be open to learning from the best cities; the cities with the best growth history; the cities with the most engaged residents; the cities with the lowest cost of services; the cities with the highest tourist appeal.

During the last election our mayor promised to control city spending, yet we have faced an 11% increase in our property taxes. Contrast that to Windsor where they froze municipal property taxes for seven years. Their city services continued to be provided and those on a fixed income were able to stay in their community.

We must take the experience of other communities, like Windsor, to make life more affordable for residents and to attract investment. We must stop avoiding the hard work of Fact Finding simply because we may not like what we see.

It’s time Sault residents received the leadership they deserve from a Mayor that has the ability to move the community forward.

Below are the key steps we need to take to have the kind of community we all want to see. 

More Jobs

Making our City Investment Ready:

  • Take Action to Resolve Shortage of Serviced Industrial Land 
  • Fast-Track New Development
  • Cut Red Tape to Support Business 
  • Expand our Skilled Workforce in Partnership with Stakeholders, Employment Service Providers, Sault College and Algoma University

Bring Jobs to Sault Ste. Marie:

  • Work With Senior Levels of Government to Support an Environmentally Responsible Plan to Bring Noront Resources Ltd. Jobs to our City
  • Leverage Local Industry to Attract Their Customers and Suppliers to Set-Up Plants and Distribution in Sault Ste. Marie
  • Compete for Manufacturing Plants That Have Been Going to Other Cities
  • Lobby for Decentralization of Provincial and Federal Jobs to Sault Ste. Marie
  • Make the Sault a Tourist Destination Through Strategic Investment and Partnerships

Stronger Support for Local Businesses:

  • Create a ‘Sault Ste. Marie First’ Purchasing Policy  
  • Improve Service Delivery – Create a Citizen Centred Culture
  • Expand On-line Services – City Transit App / Where is my Snow Plow App
  • Revitalize Downtown and offer Free Parking in Downtown (Currently the City loss is over $100,000 annually)

Lower Taxes

Four Year Tax Freeze:

  • Residential Property Taxes Frozen for Term of Council 
  • Small Business Tax Reform  
  • Implement 4-Year Budget Process to Save Money
  • Ensure Neighbouring Communities Pay Their Fair Share
  • Reduce and Restrict Consultant Costs 

Adopt Best Practices:

  • Thoroughly Review Other Cities Delivery of Services
  • Benchmark to Similar Communities
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators to Improve Services

Quality of Life

  • Enhance the Boardwalk, Marina and Hub Trail 
  • Replace the McMeeken Arena
  • Take Action on Derelict Properties – Former Hospital, Brewery, Gateway Site and More
  • Take Action on Local Housing Needs
  • Improve Community Safety and Support our Police Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics