Ring Committed to Working Full-Time as Mayor

News Release 
September 7, 2018 

Ring Committed to Working Full-Time as Mayor

With ambitious drive and vision for growth Mayoral Candidate, Rory Ring commits to being a full time Mayor for Sault Ste. Marie citizens.

““Sault Ste. Marie is not a tiny rural town, it’s a mid-sized industrial city, the third largest in Northern Ontario. Our residents deserve full-time service from their mayor. When you look at the lack of growth, the forecasted population decline, housing issues, shortage of investment in the city, outward migration and addiction challenges, it’s clear that the problems we have are far greater than can be handled by a part time mayor. The challenges facing our community make it clear that having a part-time mayor just doesn’t cut it anymore”, said Ring.

The shrinking of our local economy and a severe shortage of new properties to pay for City spending increases calls out for a leader to take action and control spending. Our community has shrunk by over 2,000 people and over 500 businesses have closed their doors, moved away or just given up. That means loss of jobs for our youth and lost tax revenue for the City that we all must pay for.

In fact, a recent news story reported that building permits in the city were 40% lower this year than last year. To make matters worse, the small amount of new building that is occurring is mainly due to projects approved and funded several years ago by other levels of government. 

Those projects will soon be completed and with the provincial government heavily indebted, Sault Ste. Marie is in for a shock if our leaders continue along the current path of expecting, or hoping, that more and more provincial money will flow into our city for new buildings and programs. We need a mayor who can attract private sector investment and growth, for more jobs and a better quality of life on a full-time basis.


“As Mayor I will deliver a more affordable, more prosperous and more attractive city. The time for ‘round tables’ and endless committee discussions has to come to an end. It’s time to take action. It’s time for a person to be fully committed to leading the city on a fulltime basis, to get shovels in the ground and pay cheques in the bank and deal with our opiate crisis.” said Rory Ring Mayoral Candidate. 

When it comes to value for money the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie are getting short-changed. The city’s budget continues to grow by over $3 million a year despite the current failed commitments to get spending under control. 

Residential property taxes are out-of-control having risen over the last four years by 11 percent.

Ring emphasized that, “high taxes, struggling businesses and few job opportunities are not the conditions citizens want to see in our community and they aren’t the conditions that attract new employers.” 

“We need a mayor who is 100 percent dedicated to doing the job full-time” said Ring. “Saultites deserve someone who can focus solely on their needs and the needs of the community to create a municipality that is focused on them and their needs while  building a prosperous community for all.” 

“We need a mayor who is 100 percent dedicated to doing the job full-time, not someone trying to do this job off the corner of their desk”, said Ring. “Saultites like to get what they pay for, but right now we are getting part-time results for full-time wages and it shows.”  

With over 25 years experience in economic development, finance, technology growth, business development, and senior level management, Rory’s skill set is well suited for this leadership position. 

Rory Ring has a strong educational background with an MBA from Queen’s University, he has business experience from outside of the community and has worked as an advocate for our community locally and at the provincial and national level. He brings a broad perspective, fresh ideas and vision for Sault Ste. Marie, More Jobs and Lower Taxes.