Ring Announces Campaign Manager Jane McGoldrick

For Immediate Release
September 11, 2018


Jane McGoldrick, Owner J Caroline’s
Jane McGoldrick, is the official campaign manager for Rory Ring, mayoral candidate for the Sault Ste Marie Municipal Election, 2018.
Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Jane moved back home to the Sault after spending 12 years travelling across the globe working as a chef and in the culinary industry for 17 years, food is her passion.
While living abroad, Jane decided it was time to come home for a number of reasons. Aside from wanting to be close to family, Sault Ste Marie offered her the chance to do a lot with limited resources.
“For most millennials my age, cost effective self improvement and professional development is vital to our success. With living expenses elsewhere in Ontario on the rise, and an economy where part time and contract -based employment is the norm, making a home in the Sault seemed like the best fit.” McGoldrick stated.
Since returning she has invested her savings in the local real estate market, and by working hard she added some sweat equity to develop an income property downtown to pay the bills and provide affordable housing for the community.
“I’ve also become closely involved with our downtown business district. By growing my investments, and committing to the development of the downtown core, I am now a very proud small business owner, having finally realized my dream of owning my own restaurant J Caroline’s.” McGoldrick states.
In 2017 McGoldrick opened J Caroline’s restaurant, named as a tribute to her Grandmother, in the downtown. ‘Though it’s taken some time, and some tears’ she says, McGoldrick feels that choosing to invest in her hometown provided her with opportunities which simply would not have been available elsewhere. Jane is extremely passionate about her community and building positive relationships with the many other hard-working folks around her.
“In addition to being an affordable place to live, given it’s natural beauty and all of the amazing attractions around the area, the Sault provides a quality of life that is second to none. Most people my age recognise how priceless that is,” she says.
With this in mind, McGoldrick believes that Mayoral Candidate, Rory Ring recognizes such opportunities, and also the importance taking action to grow and create a wonderful life in this city for everyone. “Whether they’re currently here, settling here for the first time, starting a business, or, like me, returning home to build a future, Rory understands the importance of the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie.” McGoldrick points out.
“My campaign aims to build on the positive momentum of similar success stories to Jane’s. Working together with the citizens of Sault Ste Marie to bring to life a vision of a city that is not only favourable to business, but healthy, vibrant, safe, and inclusive. Jane embodies all the ingredients we need as a community to thrive and be prosperous”, says Ring.
There are many wonderful and passionate people in our community with incredible hopes and aspirations and Jane sees them in her restaurant every single day. “The Ring campaign has heard you, and we promise to embrace this forward thinking and support you to the bitter end. We will personally spend every moment of our time talking, bonding and sharing your story with anyone who will listen, and offer support in any way we can. We believe that we have something incredibly special here in the Sault and truly believe that getting involved to make positive change is a duty bestowed upon not just myself and Rory, but everyone around us.” Says Jane McGoldrick.